Development, implementation and testing

Throughout the development process, we use agile methodologies and tools to continuously incorporate feedback from customers, quality assurance and the team into the process.

We apply the agile methods pragmatically, do not follow strict paradigms, but adapt them flexibly to the project, customer needs and our own development team.

Projekt documentation

For an effective project management we use agile tools like JIRA for Case and Issue Tracking together with Confluence from Atlassian.

Source Management and Continous Build

Of course we use Sourcecode Repository Systems for Sourcecode Tracking. Connected to this is our Continuous Build System, which automatically creates the project up to the setup with every source code commit. Thus we constantly check the translatability of the project and the test team can carry out system tests at an early stage.

Development Technologies

It would be very difficult to list all the development technologies we use. As a Microsoft partner, we focus on developing in the .net environment, but also across platforms and full stack from desktop to smartphone apps to complex integrative web applications. Feel free to contact us for specific framework or language skills!